January 14th, 2010

A Walk In The Woods...

For this post I would like to share something a bit more personal...
Sadly, because of this, some may find this entry a tad boring as compared to asylums or resorts.

These simple houses in the woods are just that, however to me they are a bit more.
This is the first abandoned location that I had ever photographed,
way back when I was a sophomore in high school.
They are also what instilled in me a sense of pity for the forgotten,
and interest in the thrown away bits of history which are littered all around us, just out of plain-sight.
What struck me was the hints of previous lives scattered throughout the homes.
Left behind toys, papers, and various other personal items.
It was my first time seeing things like this, and I'm sure everyone can relate to the feelings they conjure.
In me they created a kind of haunting feeling, like the past was still clinging to the present.

In stark contrast to the calm and tranquil aura of this place is the extremely vulgar graffiti
which literally covers these structures.
It has always been there, at least as long ago as when I first came across them.
What is slightly eerie about it all is that it all seems to be the same hand-writing.
Additionally it also seems to slowly be added to as time goes on.
Even during my most-recent session filming them I noticed new writings in areas...
To me, the graffiti adds to the whole aesthetic of the place.

I still venture back to these houses every so often, they give me a feeling of peace.
They seem to all be sleeping here, where their last family left them.

As expected, I have noticed increased deterioration throughout the years.
However it has become quite bad as of late, it is because of this that I chose to re-photograph them this past summer.
I feel there is not much time left for these buildings, and I would like to remember them as they are.

- Side-note -
I may have mentioned this, or I may not have... I do not recall. Haha
As a profession, I am a portrait photographer.
Many of my shoots are done at abandoned locations that I am fond of.
Until now I have kept from sharing these photos on account that they are focused on the model(s)
and not primarily focused on the location.
Today though, I have included some examples of portraits I have taken at this location.
I hope this does not bother anyone, if it does I simply will not post any in the future.

*The following images contain some pretty obscene language*

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Abandoned Places – The Lyric Theatre versus The Alabama Theatre (July 09)

The very core or heart of any theater is the stage and the various items, equipment, lights and controls used to make the show happen. The Lyric was designed primarily as a Vaudeville (live acts) theater so the stage was state of the art in the 1920’s. According multiple sources, George Burns, Houdini, Buster Keaton and many legendary performers graced the stage of The Lyric. Sadly, the hardwood (teak) stage has suffered the worst of the decay and rot. Only the plywood covering the remains, made walking on it for the following pictures relatively safe.

The Lyric – Stage right

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