January 22nd, 2010

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Gary, IN

Gary, IN

Taken on a recent roadtrip. I've been through Gary before, and it has always looked kinda bad. It seems now that it is getting worse. Sorry for the poor resolution, most of the pictures on my SD card from the trip were corrupted somehow. Anyway, thought it was worth sharing.

Abandoned Washington DC

The Washington Post today had an article about an abandoned trolley station under Dupont Circle. I've seen the entrances but never knew what it was.

This is right in the heart of DC.

Note that this is not the same as the Dupont Metro (subway) station, which is still in use. It's my understanding that DC used to have an extensive trolley system, but unlike most cities, decided to scrap it entirely when it built its subway system starting in the 1970s.

There's a short video and a couple of pictures. Unfortunately, not that many images of the abandoned station.


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Went for a drive this morning, looking for bald eagles which reputedly congregate on the river when the salmon are running (which is, theoretically, kind of *now*...)

We saw one eagle, which was cool, but on the way back from the expedition we came across this beauty...

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And as a bonus, Collapse )

I think I ought to take the camera barn-hunting in the county one of these days...