January 28th, 2010


This is a set that I don't really share.
Mostly because I'm not too proud of the quality of the images...

I was not intending on shooting this day,
and because of that was (like my Letchworth post) without my trusty tri-pod.
Due to the lack of tri-pod, I feel that the images are poorly exposed and grainy.

But, it is an interesting place, and one I feel is worth sharing...

The Pines Inn currently lays dormant in the woods of northern NJ.
Once a retirement home, it now sits empty, overlooking a scenic lake.
It has only been abandoned since 2008, but already the inn has fallen into disrepair.
(A few holes in the roof is all you need)
It is obvious by the missing baseboard heaters and removed radiators,
that scrappers have also discovered the place.

It's hard not to notice that an unusual amount of personal belongings were left behind here.
Clothing, furniture, books, trinkets, photo albums...
There are even cleaned dishes stacked next to the sink,never having been put away.
It makes me curious as to the fashion in which the elderly residents were removed.

I went to the town to inquire as to why the place was in it's current state.
Turns out that the facility had failed several points regarding fire code.
The owners apparently never even attempted to remedy the problem,
and after some time the town was forced to condemn the property...
I believe that the residents had 48 hours to vacate the premises.


*Also, as I had stated in my previous post,
I have included portrait images from the Overbrook Asylum at the end of this entry...*


Anyway, onto the pics...

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Perry Lakes Stadium

Perry Lakes is located about 7km west of Perth City. It was initially built to host the 1962 Commonwealth Games. It has since hosted countless sporting events and even a Rolling Stones concert in 1995. I recently discovered that the place has actually been closed for a while and is scheduled for demolition, a new housing development will be built on the site. The old wooden seats were starting to rot and the fact that there was very little covered seating made the stadium outdated.

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