January 30th, 2010

This Bromance Is Killing Me

Buffalo Psychiatric Center (Big Post!)

Took these pictures last summer when we went to visit Canisius College (which I'll be attending starting this fall, yay!) . I've never been to an asylum before to take pictures, so this was... really super exciting for me. This entire place had this incredibly eerie feeling, though- the whole time I was taking the pictures and near the building, my stomach felt like it had tightened up and gone cold. Eep. Such a wonderful experience, though, and what a gorgeous building.

Mainly pictures of the outside, with some of the inside where I peeked through the windows.

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Abandoned textile factory

This is a great location. There's an abandoned house that's entirely covered in ivy during the summer, with a large garden and a thrashed gazebo, with this textile factory attached to it. The house is quite open if you will to do a little climbing, but there were clear signs of squatting and I didn't trust to go in, as I was alone.
However i managed to go in the factory, and it was worth it: reels everywhere, entire boxes of reels, white, coloured, of every kind, the thrashed car and much more. Unfortunately it was getting dark and I couldn't take so much photographs, but I plan to go back there soon.

Textile factory #1

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Update (1/31 3:05pm): I don't really care what people post. I just want clear indication of how much it has been edited. Putting all edited pics behind a cut that clearly states how much they were edited would make me happy.