February 1st, 2010

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Bannerman's Castle

I made a quick run up to New York this weekend and stopped off at Bannerman's Castle with fellow ruins-enthusiast Rob Yasinsac. Together, we braved the sub-zero OMG FREEZING wind and took pictures from the mainland of what's left of the castle. (A large section of the castle collapsed in December, and another large section fell last week. At this rate, I'm wondering if there's going to be anything standing by the end of winter... the remaining walls have barely anything to support them.)

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Edit: I found some prophetic comments from a tour guide about 5 1/2 minutes into this video, shot in 2009:
"When we first came to the island we started to clean up we started pulling these vines down that you see on the sides of the building... we had an architectural engineer come on the island and took a look at that, he said 'You'd better not pull those vines down, they're probably holding the building up.' He also told us something else interesting. If you take a look at these buildings, again remember what I said, Mr. Bannerman would draw a picture of it and say 'Build me this.' Well, he knew the space that was left between the building, so sometimes you'd have a building that was like a parallelogram, sometimes you'd have trapezoids, all different geometric shapes. So the architect told us that what was happening was these buildings were leaning against each other, and that's what's holding them up." (emphasis mine)
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