February 3rd, 2010


Abandoned castle in Russia

Замок Щербатова.

It was built in 1881-1884 by architech Petr Boitsov on the money of prince Alexey Scherbatov.In Soviet times,it was used as sanatorium.Eventually,the castle needed a repair,and the owners had no money for reconstruction.They decided to get money by transforming the castle in hotel.But the business was not profitable and it was decided to stop exploitation of the castle.

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And thus we walked on only to find we exactly where we began,
because we were in fact, still at the beginning, and had not begun yet.
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Decaying Through The Ages

This house was built around the 70's
It's hasn't been lived in for over 2 decades
The actual house is in two parts
One side being the bedrooms and the other the kitchen, living and sitting room, laundry and bathroom
They are not connected
You have to travel outside to get to the other part of the house
It's amazing how much is still standing

Here are a couple of photos
To see more of the house you can visit this link to my Livejournal

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