February 5th, 2010

Station Zero

The city of Boonton NJ was far from the first location in the area to get a railroad.
It's station was finally built in 1867, a good 25 years after most nearby towns.
Titled the "Boonton Branch of the Morris & Essex RR",
it was just under five miles long and dead-ended at the town of Boonton...

An entry from a Morristown newspaper, August 29th, 1867:
"The branch road from Denville to Boonton, four and three quarter's mile long,
and as crooked as a rams horn, is now in running order."

Now, almost 150 years later, the station sits abandoned.
It has been replaced by a newer, more modern one not too far down the tracks.

*So, new year new equipment...
Aside from my camera upgrade, we now shoot video in HD.
Our new video camera shoots in 1080p.
(Though you can stream it off YouTube in lower-resolution if needed, some computers lag at 1080)
Aside from a vast increase in image clarity, we noticed the colours came out much better too.
This now makes the video a much stronger companion piece to the images...

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Abandonned military town is auctioned off.

My first post in this comm is a news article, I'm afraid.
It's totally relevant though!

Latvia has sold an entire town once used by the Soviet military as a base.

I haven't searched the Internet to see if there are any pictures of this place yet, but I'd be very interested if anyone here has any...
And, any thoughts as to what the buyers will do with it.

Edit: I found this picture in another news article about the auction.

A dilapidated canteen is seen in Skrunda, a Soviet ghost town, Latvia, Friday, Feb. 5, 2010. (AP / Roman Koksarov)