February 7th, 2010

FMC Tank Manufacturing Plant

The Facility, was purchased from the City of San Jose in 1946. Prior to that time, the land was reportedly used for agricultural purposes. Most of FMC’s operations since 1951 were dedicated to the design, production, and testing of military tracked vehicles under United States Department of Defense contracts.

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Gilroy & Morgan Hill - A Day Trip

Today, bikenutt and I decided to go in search of the Don Pacheco Inn, one of the places he ran across in the abandonedplaces  archives.  We found the location, but much to our dismay, the buildings had been torn down.  All that remained was a circle of bricks that perhaps made up one of the fountains, and the foundation slabs.

Good thing for us, Bikenutt had spotted another interesting place along the way.  So after a brief stop at Casa de Fruta, we backtracked to the site.  Alongside Highway 152 East, just before you hit Prunedale Road, there's a rather large abandonment.  (Actually, there was someone back there on the property doing something with a wheelbarrow, but we were convinced he was just shuffling mud from one side of the place to another.)  We accidentally pulled down the wrong road/driveway, and ended up on the properties adjacent to where we hoped to be.  Both owners were very kind, and even let us park our car there so we could traverse the sloppy, muddy field to get a closer look at the place. 

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From there, we puttered around on either side of Highway 101 on our way back home to see if we could track down any of the other places we'd spotted on the way to Gilroy.  While we didn't manage to locate any of those, we did run across another interesting, random find.  This was another abandoned dwelling, apparently housing for farm workers at some point.  I'm not surprised they have been abandoned, considering they are essentially tin shacks in Morgan Hill.  You could probably fry eggs on every surface of that place in the summer!

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Bikenutt probably will have additional photos he'll want to share of these two locations, and one other abandoned house we came across.  All in all, it was an interesting day!