February 15th, 2010

The Return Visit: Kogen Hotel Ruins, Nakagusuku, Okinawa, Japan

I posted here previously with my first trip to these ruins, which are reputedly haunted and next to a World Heritage Site (the rest of the backstory is there and here on my blog).  This time, my goal was to explore the rest of structures, hoping to find the abandoned swimming pool.  I found the area where it most likely was, but the jungle was so thick I could not reach it.  It was also rainy that morning and extremely slippery on the concrete.  Instead, I found the majority of the guest rooms, some still with remnants of yellow and red carpets, pink paint, and oddly Victorian patterned wallpaper, as well as a rotting stash of once-extremely expensive tatami flooring mats, a power room, boiler room and a transformer room, a zoo, and waterslides, as well as some equipment I could not identify.  The highlights are below; the rest of the enormous set (200 photos) is on Flickr. There are some pieces of equipment I wasn't sure about, so if you can identify them, please feel free to let me know.

The first time I visited, I didn't see this sign.  There is a more direct route there, that passes directly through the complex, on its way to family tombs, both maintained and forgotten, and no where does it say to keep out.  Also, only in Japan would that perfunctory arrangement be considered sufficient authority to keep the curious away.

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