February 17th, 2010


Old shack

Came across this while hiking along part of the Palmetto Trail near Columbus, NC the other day. Don't know any details but it appears to have been lived in at one time since there is an old heating oil tank out back, then was used as storage before the roof collapsed. There are some horse stables in an equestrian area nearby.

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Front entrance
my name up in lights

SAAB under granite

In the 1940s Swedish aircraft manufacturer SAAB established an underground factory that was apparently in use into the 1990s.  Came across a short documentary on the plant via YouTube.  Here is a LINK

Swedish only, yes, but the imagery is so intriguing I thought it was worth sharing.  Cheers.


Abandoned barracks, final take.

I've been in this site twice before (see here and here) but this time I think I'm done with this place. It's quite huge but there's nothing left in it, three floors of empty rooms with peeling paint and disrupted pavements; only at ground floor there's something interesting.
There are some interesting light effects, though.

Alle the pics are triple exposures, merged to HDR, tonemapped and with further processing in Photoshop.

Abandoned barracks #14

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