March 3rd, 2010


No pictures, yet, but I promise to post a ton of them when I get out and shoot Thursday.

I live in rural NC and there are literally 15-20 abandoned old houses and barns within a 10 minute drive around here. I have wanted to shoot them for a long time, but when summer comes they disappear back into the woods. Most of them are from the 1910-1930 range I'd guess, a lot of tin roofs. I am going out Thursday with another photographer friend, but I have never shot at an abandoned place before. I was wondering what those experienced would recommend as far as footwear, facewear, flashes, etc. There are also poisonous snakes and spiders here, but I think they are mostly still dormant because of the cold. Does anyone have tips about figuring out if wood is stable enough to walk on or not? Most of these houses have covered porches but I am dying to get inside as well.

Thanks for any help. :)

Abandoned Paper Mill

Explored! February 14th, 2010

This is part one of my Valentine's Day exploring trip in Pennsylvania.

My initial explore of the day was an abandoned paper mill which was filled with asbestos and unique equipment. This location was loaded with some of the coolest signage from back in the days as well. It was definitely a real pain in the ass gaining access here because of the 3 feet of snow around the entire building; but if there is a will, there is a way! So I trekked through the snow dropped down a very tight space and had a little bit (a lot) more hang time than expected and landed not so gracefully... Nonetheless I dusted myself off, powered up the camera, and I spent a few hours in here shooting and thoroughly enjoyed myself at this location. It was filled with a beautiful light green color and excellent natural light on most of the floors!

As always all contructive critisism, feedback, and/or positive comments will be greatly welcomed!




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Parents Of Earth Pediatrics Center

Abandoned Pediatric Center - Explored! January 31st & February 13th, 2010.

This place was simply incredible! So good that I had to come back for seconds two weeks later.
It once was a Pediatric center that offered several different services for parents in a low-income neighborhood. It housed an optometry unit, audio/visual, physical therapy, and many other services for disabled or handicapped children.

This place was LOADED with excellent finds in nearly every room and looks almost as though the people that once worked here just disappeared one day and the buildings were left as-is. Literally!
It was a bit disturbing because parts of this building closed in the late 90's and the rest following suit in the early 2000's... but you would have thought this place operated in the early eighties!!! 
Everything was so out-dated and run down. The toys, equipment, and wheelchairs were from the seventies for the most part. It just goes to show that low-income people are the lowest priority when it comes to healthcare.

This place still remains in great condition for exploring because it is in a very high secured area and its patrolled regularly. So it keeps the kids and bootleg graffiti artists out. I hope it stays that way indefinitely, because I really enjoyed taking pictures in here!

Here is the entire set: 

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