March 6th, 2010

Abandoned Mental Health Clinic

Explored! January 31st, 2010.

This place was very intriguing to me from the outside. It looked as though it was untouched for over 15 years or so. It was in a forgotten corner of a VERY ACTIVE campus, so I had to check it out! Upon entering I could see that metal/copper scrappers (legal ones) had down a number to almost all of the rooms, so I knew that I was going to have to be creative in this place. I still found some pretty cool finds regardless! Just had to look a little bit harder..

This place had several different floors that housed a series of different patients. One floor was a minimum security holding area, another for adolescent youth, a search and seizure lock-down floor, and psychology unit on the top floor. It seemed that the higher I went up the less damaged the building was.. Although I did hear what sounded like little girl's voice on the 4th floor (allegedly - creepy, but probably just my imagination....). Regardless I kept shooting and wrapped this place up rather quickly. The basement was REALLY odd and kind of cool, but I didn't find a morgue or anything.. so I moved onto my next location of the day.

Here is the rest of the set:

Exterior Shot

Hallway shot 2nd floor

No Bones

Fire Door with sexy paint

Fallout Shelter

Thanks for looking!!

Letchworth's Echo

Typically, Christina and I try not to re-visit locations...
However, we found an exception in the case of Letchworth Village,
there was just this feeling that it had a story left un-told.

We returned a few days ago,
and proceeded to work with a different mindset than that of our previous visit.
I feel that these images, and video, when viewed together present a "truer" image of the place.
Gone is the standard "spooky old asylum" aesthetic of our previous entry,
it has been replaced by a more genuine portrayal of the pain contained within these walls.

We hope that you all feel the same...

*We captured these images and video with security sitting right outside the entire time.
Additionally I was fighting a bad illness, and was actually running a fever while photographing.*

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