March 8th, 2010

All For You


I am looking for some pictures of Russian power lines that were posted in here a few years back. They were hexagonal in shape with a power line at each of the five points. If any of you remember these pleas, can you direct me to them as they are part of a dissertation I am working on regarding the flow of energy using the shape in connection to carbon fiber nano tubes. Thank you so very much in advance!!

Abandoned Youth Detention Center (Bmore)

Explored! January 9th, 2010.

This youth detention center is located on a hilltop in the suburbs of Baltimore next to a brand new and active facility. I was greeted with trails of fresh blood (deer blood, I believe) in the snow on my way up and I heard; people talking, trucks driving by, and actually had somebody walk into one of the buildings I was exploring. So after a few "rambo mode" moments hiding in the woodline & jumping into a closet in the admin building, I continued on. This place has a rich history and both of the buildings I visited this day were essentially left as-is from the day it closed. One room was FILLED with trash bags full of inmates clothing. Untouched for several years...

I didn't get to visit all the buildings on this property so this is still a work in progress. I had a great time here and will be back in the very near future. Hopefully there will be a little less traffic coming in and out of there too.

Oh and I was approached by a pretty upset donkey while making my way back into the woodline. *shrugs*

The set can be seen here:

Before I hit the woodline..

Avid Reader

Free Parking

Exit sign, looking for an exit

Cuban Link

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