March 13th, 2010

Silly Dance

Lun-class Ekranoplan

Found this crazy huge Russian plane some one posted (oddly enough while poking around another site entirely but that's not important). I'm pretty sure its abandoned* but I don't speak Russian so I could be wrong. It's defiantly not used anymore. It was meant to skim just above the waters surface and rivals the Hughes H14 Hercules (Spruce Goose) for size. She too is the only one of her kind and apparently was never quite finished.

Fair warning, the above link is really Really picture heavy!

And here's the wiki
*Edit* geordie came up with this link that explains quite a bit and has pics from her better days.

*If it's not as abandoned as I thought feel free to let me know and I'll take this down.

Abandoned cabin

Went hiking today in Wilder Forest which is just north of Tryon, NC on US 176 and came across this old abandoned cabin in the woods off the trail. The sky clouded up so it was fairly dark but I wanted good DOF so used f11 or so and bumped the ISO up to 1600 on some of these inside for hand held shots at 1/15-1/30 sec.
Cabin in Wilder Forest
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Abandoned Places – The Lyric Theatre versus The Alabama Theatre (July 09)

I have discovered that there really is a limit to my abilities to post often. While I am reading many of your amazing posts, I’m limited to only a few hours a day that I can plan write and edit a post of my own.

As we climbed through The Lyric Theatre, the higher we went, the longer the area had been out of use. Many of the offices that now sat empty had once been the busy offices of doctors, insurance firms, unions, dentists and optometrists. With the doors off the hinges, the past lay open to us.

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Abandoned medical school

Briefly. The building is on 4 floors. Quite a lot, hike on the model of the old school buildings. According to legend, there was a very long time medical facility, after which it turned into an educational institution with a medical slant. Approximately so. Inside many things survived, surprisingly. Pleasant location.

aband medych & roof voik ypr 078

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