March 14th, 2010

Documentary about Detroit on the BBC UK

Hi there

I am long time watcher of this community. I have just watched an amazing and heartbreaking documentary about Detroit shown on the UK channel BBC2. It documents the decay of the city and one of the Urban Explorers who I believe posts pics on this community is featured.

I am glad that someone cares enough to show people in the UK what is happening to that city.

I've kind of lost contact with the people I know from LJ in Michigan, but this documentary made me think of them and if they are reading this I just want them to know I thinking of them every day and I hope they are all okay.

I also hope that something is done to ease the pain and suffering of people who are starving to death in the richest country in the world :(

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Abandoned Places Announcement

Greetings folks,

In a slight change of pace, I'm heading a panel discussion on abandoned site exploration & photography. Where? Atlanta on Friday, April 2nd (4pm till about 6pm). What event can you find me at? Frolicon 2010.

Yes, it's an adult convention.

Several weeks ago, one of the Frolicon staff approached the community asking about the prospects of a discussion on the topic. photognome and I both made offers to host a disscussion on the who's, what's, why's and how's of ethics, safety, legalities and more.

Abandoned House in the French Riviera

Surrounded by big houses, villas and palm trees, in a quiet and luxurious area in the french riviera, this old house has been abandoned for more than 3decades-  probably due to the closure of the little turistic train station near by in the late 60's ,situed only few meters down from it. Which is also abandoned....
It used to be a rent car shop, garage also .The owners lived in the house above with the main entrance on the other side.
Big shaded terrace and garden, lot  of space.. It was at the first sight a pleasant place to live
Unfortunately, not a lot remain except few rubbish and desolation.
And no one seems to pay attention to it.

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More pictures

Thanks for looking :)

Early Cottages in the Rockingham/Kwinana area

Post by Shirtninja

On Sunday (28/02/2010), Jethro and I ventured out again to find the damned elusive Pioneer's Cottages of the Kwinana Scrubland. Last time we attempted to find these we had a small disaster (See How not to conduct an Urbex - Part One) but this time we went in on foot from a different direction and where rewarded first of all, with the sight of a HUGE pair of Norfolk Pines.

Pics of the expedition are below, we have also included an older set that we had previously decided to leave unpublished. The "Bell Cottage" in Rockingham

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