March 22nd, 2010

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Northern State Hospital

I took a photography roadtrip with some friends, to the old Northern State Hospital grounds, in Skagit County, Washington State, at the Northern State Recreation Area- This is an especially accessible set of ruins with well cleared paths and easy access.

(Please, if you go there, respect the beauty of this site, and remember to leave no marks, do not move things, and be respectful. It's wonderful that the state park system leaves this site open to us, lets not give them reason to tear it down.)




You can see all the pictures I took this trip at my Flickr account in this set:
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august 2008 - new hat

long time lurker, first time poster. i hope this is "abandoned" enough

thanks everyone for the really hard work. there's some fabulous photography shared here, and often it's impressive just for the nerve it takes to get to some of these places.

now that i've finally restored my iphoto library and upgraded my computer to the point where i can actually process all the photos i take i thought i'd share a set here first. this is a train station turned into a restaurant turned which burned a fiery death and was just left for a couple years while the owners sorted out whatever you sort out when you go that long between destruction and reconstruction.

nothing fancy here, just mid-day light and a Canon SD1000 with no tripod.


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The Story of Old Amber... in video

I had said that if we were to go back to "Old Amber" and film it,
that I would post said video when it was done...

Well, here is said video.

Sometimes the softest voice carries the loudest message.
This is the case with Old Amber.
It's not just literally about this single house in the woods,
it's about the countless homes people lost for a dam that was never built...

If you wish to see the whole back-story and photos,
here's a link to my original post about the place.
Old Amber

Pop it into HD and full-screen to really experience the peeling paint...

Filmed by Christina, edited by the both of us.
We got so many ticks making this video...

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silent hill nurses

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Here's some pictures of an abandoned house that my good friend gynocide and I found when I visited her in Fresno 2 weeks ago. This house was on the outskirts, surrounded by lovely green farmland and at the base of the foothills to the east of Clovis-area I think.

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