March 25th, 2010

Hung Like A Horse

Explored! March 21st, 2010.

This was an absolute GEM. I've been to quite a few places, but this trumps them all without question! I scouted this out last week and oddly couldn't find any active roads leading to this farm, ANYWHERE. So I had to park on a random exit off the interstate and we trekked over on foot. After a few steep hills, thorn bushes, and creek that soaked our shoes for the entire explore; we made it. I usually explore solo, but I brought a buddy of mine (mrjohnson303) and he was blown away by this spot too!

It operated as a horse farm and served the county probably as early as the 1920's through the 80's. Anything after that is a mystery... I can't find any history online. All I know is from what I found in the house, barn, or storage shed. It was like the people just died abruptly or completely disappeared into thin air. Completely filled with all there appliances, furniture, personal belongings, or farm equipment. I couldn't even sort through all the house so I'd imagine there is so much more to see. I need to make another trip ASAP.

The entire set is here:


House In The Depth

Internationally Known

Blue Glory

The Yawd

Barn Yawd...

Mouse Trap

Blessed Home

Retro Product Line

Series Of Decay

Thanks for looking!

Ramsey Illinois

This house is pretty much right smack in the middle of a small village called Ramsey. The door was wide open so I felt like it was pretty much an invitation to go on in. I don't really know anything about this house other than it was probably pretty nice at one point in time. I hope you enjoy.

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