April 4th, 2010

Clarkdale, New Mexico

I can't find anything about Clarkdale and what it was, and all that stands is this main building and a few other buildings off to the side, all surrounded by trash from what was inside of the house. The floors were almost completely rotted through from being left open to so many winters, so I didn't go inside like I'd wanted to. This is just after you cross over into New Mexico from Colorado on Highway 550, just before the also abandoned weigh station. I've driving by here many times coming from Durango and heading to Farmington or Aztec, but I decided to stop yesterday and do some exploring.

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So, if anyone knows anything about this place, let me know! I love finding out the history behind abandoned places. 


Abandoned House in Woodruff, SC

Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster! Ignore any possible shoddy images, first time I've photographed an abandoned place! But I tried to keep in mind the typical things you see posted here and photograph such things. :)

This post is of a house that I actually know the history of! Nestled in the woods by my dad's house lies a beautiful old family home. This home was built in the early 1880s, so there is absolutely no indoor toilets. Only plumbing in the house is the water faucets. Also, no bathroom or bath either. The area of land my dad's house sits on was once occupied by an old house as well, but not as old, and I didn't get pictures of it before they demolished it (sadly, they had no choice, there was lots of fire damage and vandalism damage in the home). But, when my dad purchased the land he purchased the house, so we got quite a bit of stuff from inside said old house! But, both houses were owned by a friend of mine's family. We'll call him D. Well, the house featured in this post, was D's grandmother's house. Previously to her owning it, a few families owned it before her. She passed away in fall of 1980, D's sister thought the old house was too creepy and too old-fashioned to live in, so she moved into the other house mentioned. Leaving this beautiful antique to ruin. There is an old collapsed shed out back, that I couldn't get to due to all the foliage and it being spring. As far as the outhouse? I think it has been gone for years, as I didn't see any traces of one.

This house has been abandoned for almost 30 years, and it shows. Being made of solid wood, some areas are fallen in. Some are just as sturdy as the home was just built yesterday.

Also, something I plan on doing. My dad doesn't own the land this home sits on, a neighbor of his does, but neighbor has already said since our friend's grandmother used to own the house we are welcome to visit at any point, and he lives on the other side of the woods. He also stated we are welcomed to take things from the home if we want them. I didn't take anything this trip though, although I do have a gorgeous rocker and a recliner from the house waiting on me outside my dad's, they need cleaned. But, anyway, back to the point, my dad is planning to buy the plot of land across the street, including the area this house is in. When he does so, I am going to see if I can get the Historical Society (being a very historic town, we have a very nice historical society) to pay for the renovations, or perhaps hire a contractor themselves to renovate this home to it's once beautiful state. I love it, and would LOVE to live in it. If only it was restored, and had a bathroom.

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I hope you enjoyed this post!! I know I enjoyed exploring this house. It is actually the 3rd time I've been inside, but the first time with a camera! :) So I got really excited and picture happy, sorry!

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