April 9th, 2010

The Burn Victim

"The Burn Victim" occupies a plot of land at the end of an overgrown drive, lined with massive elms.
It is a very old house, on what used to be a very large farm.
The land and house now belong to the state of NJ...

Long ago, while the home was still occupied, there was a house fire here.
The focal point of the fire was a single room, though heat damage is more wide-spread than that...
The fire seems to have been put out rather quickly, and no structural damage was caused.

It is what the flames left behind that made us want to capture this place.
Door paint is bubbled and cracked, much like flesh would look under similar conditions.
Wallpaper is seared off the walls, and what remains is stiff and brittle to the touch.
Burn markings reach up walls and onto ceilings, leaving gray and sooty trails as it went.
This all gives the house a very unique and foreboding character.

It is an uneasy place to physically be.
The way the house is situated at the end of it's long drive, it's as if it watches you approach.
When you finally reach the house it sits looming over you, asking why you would care to ever come visit it.

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