April 19th, 2010

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Abandoned Places - Rural Alabama

While on a drive to photograph another theater (1940’s movie house being renovated), accompanied by my friend sabre0link, we found a couple little gems along the highways and back-roads of Alabama. This little house seems to have a stubborn sense of survival. It appears to have been abandoned for several years given the growth around it.

Looks can be deceiving

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Abandoned country summer residence L.P.

It is constructed in the beginning of 20 century, it is completed in ~ 1930. Also was L.P.'s country summer residence.
Now a building have transferred do not understand to whom, it is guarded but if nevertheless to get inside, it is possible to take pleasure in beauty of the architecture, ladders, fireplaces, woodcarvings and many other things... Very pleasant building, however absolutely empty (repair is tightened...). Also travel on snowdrifts in a fine sunny day.

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