April 21st, 2010

More abandoned places from last weekend

As I'd said in my last post, we drove all over this past weekend, mostly because we wanted to get out to the desert. On the way we went through the towns of Dove Creek and Cahone, CO, also Monticello, UT where there were lots of abandoned buildings. I guess I'll share some from a stop near Dove Creek. For some reason these ones were not my favorites, although I really had a good time when I stopped and explored there, I spent quite a bit of time. The property had several buildings on it, There was a house on the left, a garage or shop in the center that looked like it was lived in as a house, and to the right was a fireplace remaining from another house.

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Newt of Death

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Because I so enjoyed painting the abandoned coke sign and the reactions were so wonderful*, I very much want to paint More abandoned things! I want to focus in on a specific thing as opposed to say a whole landscape or scene. Things that tend to give you sense of nostalgia are good too. Things like the bloody old cars, the bottles and beakers in the old labs or the coke sign.
If there's anything any of you remember that struck you particularly point me too it! I will of course get the original photographers permission and give them credit.

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*Someone said it was 'like Normal Rockwell ran out of coffee and cigarettes after a three day whiskey binge' Best Compliment Ever!