April 25th, 2010

  • modlin

Highway 395 north

U.S. Highway 395 begins in the Mojave desert, and runs north through some of the most beautiful and desolate parts of eastern California. The Owens Valley was once full of thriving orchards and farms, until the city of Los Angeles took the water in the Owens River for its own. While there was still water, the Pittsburgh Plate Co. set up a glass factory on the shores of Owens Lake. There's little water left in the lake now, and this is what's left of the factory.

A little further north, in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains, is Manzanar, one of the internment camps where Japanese-Americans were forced to stay during World War II. Few buildings remain, but there is a monument in the cemetery.

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Really good article about the decline of Bethlehem Steel in Baltimore and how it effected the community of Sparrows Point around it...


Beth Steel has been sold to another steel company who operates it at a much lower capacity today. Much of the property sits abandoned. But because this place is the size of a small town itself getting inside is not really possible.