May 4th, 2010

Sunday's Re-Adventure

bikenutt, alimjaved and I went out to Fort Ord again with a new location in mind, but it was a bust.  So instead, we romped around in some of the concrete barracks for a bit, then back to what bikenutt likes to call "Anarchy Alley", where the workshops are located.  I think the inability to access our first location cast a funk over me, but I perked up a bit at our last stop.  There's one building that I had not gone into due to fire damage and some weird and irrational fear that goes with it, but I decided to go in despite it all.  I am glad I did, as it was the one part of the whole day that did inspire me to take some photos that would satisfy me.

The photo above is probably really close to one that bikenutt had taken a while back.  I loved his shot so much I had to try and get one for myself. :D  I still like his a lot better.  Maybe he'll get around to posting it sometime.
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Thanks for looking!


A long time ago, the major routes in Virginia, much like the rest of the country, were regular two-lane country roads. When the four-lane highways were built, they would incorporate parts of these old routes in some places, and in other places leave the less impressive roads to branch off from the new flow of traffic. Dotted along the outgrown old versions of the routes were tourist attractions, motels, gas stations and such...some of which survived the shift of attention to the new highways, some of which did not. This is one such case: a structure that has been abandoned as long as I've been alive. It used to be a gas station called Johnny's. It sits on what is affectionately known as Old Thirty-Three, which is the outgrown version of Route 33 that roars nearby. A bed & breakfast sits across the street and is still well-kept and doing good business.


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