May 11th, 2010

High is the Pines...

Some time ago I posted about a location called "The Pines Inn".
At the time I posted my entry, I stated that I did so only half-heartedly...
I felt that the quality of most of my images from the Pines were of very poor quality,
though the location was interesting enough to warrant a post nonetheless.

Long story short, I returned there with Christina to capture the place properly.
We were not prepared for how deteriorated the place had become, both due to vandals and nature...

The following is a revised version of the description I gave with my original post...

The Pines Inn currently lays dormant in the woods of northern NJ.
Once a retirement home, it now sits empty, overlooking a scenic lake.
Though abandoned only recently, the inn has quickly fallen into disrepair.
A massive leak in the roof is slowly disintegrating the structure from the top down,
in addition vandals have ransacked most of the bottom floor and defaced nearly every wall...
It is also obvious by the missing baseboard heaters and removed radiators,
that scavengers have discovered the place as well.

I have found out that the facility was closed down in 2008, due to numerous fire regulation issues.
After giving several warnings, the fire department was eventually forced to condemn the inn.

I noticed while there that an unusual amount of personal belongings had been left behind.
Clothing, furniture, books, trinkets, photo albums, Christmas cards, even personal mail...
Cleaned dishes sit stacked next to the sink, never having been put away.
This all makes me curious as to the nature in which the elderly residents were removed.

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Starlight Motel, Rt. 11 VA

This motel has been abandoned for a number of years, but just recently has become so overgrown that you can hardly see it from the road anymore. I think they were hoping to sell the land it was on, so they kept the brush down for a while, but eventually gave up and let it take over. According to the locals it was called the Starlight Motel, or something similar. This is on the seedy side of town (as you can see from the graffiti, which I don't run into often in this area), I was alone, and I couldn't see my car from where I had to park, so I made this a very quick in-and-out visit without stopping for very many artistic shots or much in-depth exploration (besides, some of the rooms were too dark and creepy anyway).


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