May 18th, 2010

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My first post (or time photographing anything other than wrestling events, actually), so if the pictures suck? That's why :)

Today my brother and I decided to walk around the old Mansfield Training School. These days it is a part of UCONN college and because of this, has people walking around at all times. You can go on the property and walk around, but they have cops/campus security to keep you from actually going inside the buildings. There was actually a cop who saw us go near the buildings, but was nice enough to let us walk around without any kind of incident. While the most we got were a few outside shots of some of the abandoned buildings, as well as some shots through broken windows/doors, my brother actually went into one of them and snapped a few inside pics (although he promptly came out as he felt 'uneasy' inside. once outside, i heard a girls voice from inside the door he just came out of. when we came back? i snapped a picture of one of the top windows only to have a random piece of concrete be thrown at me. where it came from/what it fell off of, i'm not sure, but the timing was enough to scare my pants off.)

Anyway! On with the shots. I tried to get these uploaded in order, but my apologies if they aren't (there was over 200 photos so...yeah, I got bored of trying to organize them). These are only a few of the shots. the others, although not all 200, can be seen here. (if it asks for a password, it's alyssa) I'm hoping to go back either some day or even some night in the near future to do some more poking around (especially in the building that my brother went into). There is so much to look at that even the hour we spent half assed wandering around didn't accomplish as much as you would think.

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