May 23rd, 2010


101 Alma, Melbourne Australia

Display apartment

The renovations and restorations of the previously abandoned mansion continue, and on the weekends the first display apartment has been open to entice the buying public. It isn't in the 1880 main house but in the 1915 Arts and Crafts block squeezed in front. The block in the back isn't finished yet and they're also erecting a strange pair of futuristic granny flats attached to the stables. So in the above picture, the display apartment is in the building on the right, on the top floor, smack bang next to the very noisy traffic on Alma Road.



and after!

Display apartment

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A bit off topic....

I have been taking my pictures with just a Kodak point and shoot camera and have been thinking about saving up some money and getting a DSLR, so I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a decent not mega expensive (paying off student loans, boo) camera.

Thanks for your help!