May 24th, 2010

The Shadow Manor...

Hello everyone...
I would like to make an announcement before I get on to my post.
The publication "Weird NJ" is planning on doing a special issue completely
dedicated to my travels and in-turn my photography of abandoned locations.
(Those of you residing outside of New Jersey may have no idea what I'm talking about...)
Though this is wonderful news, it does have an affect on my postings here until after the issue is printed...
Being as I get great enjoyment from posting here, these few issues were not a problem to me.

- I will no longer be divulging too much info as far as history and specific location,
more-so with privately owned facilities... state-owned is a different deal altogether.
This is to prevent individuals from harming themselves, and bringing damage to the property due to my postings.
It's sad, but from a legal standpoint, this is what the world has come to...

- This brings me to my second topic, I will now be putting a disclaimer before each post.
Please do not think of me as a jerk for doing so. It pains me that people are this dumb anymore...

- Additionally, I will only be posting a selection of images, not my entire set.
This is because there needs to be exclusive content for the publication.
No worries though, I will still be sharing plenty of photos... and of course video.

Well, with that taken care of, I will let everyone know when the publication is going to store-shelves.
(Likely holiday season 2010)

Now for the post...

The "Shadow Manor" (alias) is an abandoned retirement facility located in NY state.
Built around an old hospital, many of the rooms still look like patients quarters.
It has been vacant for some years now, and is not a likely candidate for re-opening.
The rot is severe in many areas of the old building...
This location is a perfect example of the dangers of abandoned buildings.
Most people think "asbestosis" when thinking of air-quality,
but another more-common danger is fungus. Black-mold specifically can make one very sick,
especially is someone has prolonged exposure to it, or has a pre-existing lung condition.
The walls of this place were wet and slimy to the touch, as were the warping floors.

This entry is also my first since I attained my new wide-angle lens.
Hope everyone enjoys...

Please note that I DO NOT condone trespassing or any illegal activity of that nature.
I also do not condone any jackasses damaging these places and tagging the walls...
So, for public safety, and to keep these locations away from harm, do not tread where I have.

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