May 27th, 2010


A couple shots in New Mexico


I visited New Mexico with my friend who grew up in Roswell. On the drive from Albuquerque to Roswell, there are a lot of abandoned places. I really wish I could have spent some time in Vaughn, which seemed like a half dead town. Especially since the two places we did stop at were behind fences and inhabited by cows now, and I wasn't feeling good about trying to get inside.

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Bennett's Eternal Youth

I have a strong fondness toward the old Bennett School...
This is because, to me, it's a strong symbol of the allure found in abandoned places.
Like finding the beauty of youth in the eyes of an elderly woman,
just below the surface lies many things overlooked by the average on-looker.
The aging facade of the place adds to this, it has seen many years, and can tell you about them.

Most of these images are 10 minute exposures, because of this you get star trails from the earth's rotation.
I lucked out that the north star was over the school, creating a kind of spiral of stars in the sky...

Though this is a short collection of images, know that it was many hours of work.
The location is a 2+ hour drive from me, each way, plus I spent 3 hours there experimenting with lighting.

Please note that I DO NOT condone trespassing or any illegal activity of that nature.
I also do not condone any jackasses damaging these places and tagging the walls...
So, for public safety, and to keep these locations away from harm, do not tread where I have.

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