May 28th, 2010


Park Hill flats, Sheffield

Here are some photos I took a few days ago of Park Hill flats in Sheffield.

Link to Photobucket page, +23 other pics

Also, here's a link to the BBC South Yorkshire site with lots more pictures and people's comments.

For those not from Sheffield, Park Hill was a council housing development built in the post-war era between 1957-1961. The area was a full community which included shops, a school and nursery and pubs. In a way it's sad that it all closed down, but it became a very troubled area with frequent reports of crime appearing in the local papers and stories going around by word of mouth.

The skeleton of the flats was given Grade II listed status in 1998, to much public consternation. The listed status made it the largest listed building in Europe and it is meant to be the only surviving example of this type of houseing development.

Park Hill can be seen overlooking the city and is still the subject of much debate in the city.