June 22nd, 2010

my name up in lights

Beeton, ON

A modest set of abandoned grain silos at the north end of Beeton, Ontario, Canada.  Once served by a CNR siding, these towers sit partly surrounded by new residential developments. Sorry, no known history.  Discovered them by accident while riding a bike. I'm here doing some house sitting.

Cleveland Railway Co.

I was always curious about this building, it sits directly across the most popular/accessed abandoned building in Cleveland, Westinghouse Electric. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to go in, but there was a pack of wild dogs on the perimeter. This time, coast was clear so I climbed my way in.

I only got 10 shots, mostly because I forgot my flashlight and it has a fairly large basement. I will be making a return trip soon, stay tuned.

The Cleveland Railway Co.


For more pictures from this set on the Cleveland Railway Co., click here - Flickr, 10 photos.

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Hi, guys! This weekend my dad and I are planning on going out to find some interesting places to shoot. So, that being said, I was wondering if anyone knew of some good places in South Louisiana. I live about 30 minutes north of Lafayette if that helps any. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help :)