June 23rd, 2010

A New Age... (Portrait Series)

So, here I am with some portraits to share...
I had a fashion shoot a few days ago (I'm a portrait photographer), and I used an abandoned section of airfield as the location...
The reason I so often use abandoned locations for my images it to pay homage to them, and give them a use once again.
If you as a community find them too off-topic or model-oriented though, I will take no offense to this entries removal.
However, I will try my best to make the images relevant by laying some background history on the location.

Floyd Bennett was New York City's first commercial airfield, opening May 23, 1931.
Most of it has long since been abandoned, save a few choice sections of the property.
NY Police still station and fly their helicopters from a base located on the premises as well...

In July 1938, Howard Hughes used this airfield as his starting and ending point for his record-setting trip around the world.
The 2004 film "The Aviator" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and directed by Martin Scorsese chronicles this event, along with many other facets of his life.

The hanger in front of which I filmed was designated to the US Navy during WWII, which created "Naval Air Station New York" (Typically refereed to as "NAS New York" ).
NAS New York hosted multiple united of the Atlantic fleet, three submarine patrol squads, and processed a majority of the aircraft bound for the Pacific Theater.

NAS New York was de-activated in 1971, and most all of the land is now owned by the national Park Service.
From that point on, most all of these buildings have sat quietly in a state of non-use.
However, on November 12th 2001, these hangers were used as a temporary morgue for the victims of the crash of  American Airlines Flight 587.

Well, on that note, here are my images.
Hopefully I do not cause too much of a stir by posting portraits... (fingers crossed)

Model - Candora - Her Model Mayhem Page
Wardrobe - Black Lotus Clothing - Black Lotus Website

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