July 20th, 2010


Pinegrove Country Club, Hillsborough

This is Pinegrove country club in Hillsborough, on the edge of Sheffield.
It used to be a fairly standard leisure centre, used by the public and the local schools.
It was closed down and emptied a few years go, and while it was shut up it burned down.
The gym is still fairly intact, but the rest of it stands roofless, rubble-filled and desultorily boarded up on the edge the fields.


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moscow, russia

a house left all alone about half a year ago
the place started having been cleared, but something happened, and it was left all alone

at first i visited it at night with a friend, who lives nearby.

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and the very next day i came back, bringing a couple of friends, who are graffiti-artists
by the day the place seems not that scary
and i took the other lens with me.

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and this is what my friends left there.