July 30th, 2010


Alameda Warehouse

Found this from just having seen it so many times on the way to my friends house. Inside we met a guy named Mario who said it was fine for us to be there and that he was down with photography. Pretty sure he was squatting, but was exceptionally nice and kept asking if we knew 'Greg'. There were a couple different warehouses, in different states of decay and deconstruction. We didn't venture into many of the covered ones due to our dusk arrival and the location being so close to houses and active businesses, we had some people across the street glaring at us as we parked and started our approach so we went around the corner and found another way in. Across the water was a very ominous factory that I kept shooting, wasn't abandoned but was darn creepy.

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Nightfall at the Arcane Monastery

This is the “Arcane Monastery” under a summer blanket of dark and stars.
It still amazes me how a place can be so completely different just by viewing it at a different hour.
Almost as if a completely separate aura envelopes a place along with the shadows of night...

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