August 2nd, 2010


North Brother Island, NYC

We went to North Brother Island today. It is a small uninhabited island off of the coast of Manhattan. There is a hospital there that served as a TB treatment center then later drug rehab for troubled youths in the 60s. Today it is an urban ruin and a sanctuary for birds. We will return. There's so much more to see. On this trip we just located the buildings, I want to do more research before our next visit.

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[bsg] k/l no words/no happy endings

Farmhouse in Nebraska

This house may look familiar.  A photo was previously posted here by prairiesong.  I happened upon the farmhouse on my way to Taylor, NE and just had to take a look.  Unfortunately, I didn't venture upstairs.

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Quick question - I recently visited the Buckner building in Whittier, AK and I thought I saw photos posted here but now I can't find them. I went two years back. Can anyone remember whose photos they were/direct me to a link?