August 12th, 2010

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Wellcome to New Innovative Russia

Recently my friend showed me abandoned pioneer camp located 40 km from Moscow. It was sponsored by government and R&D center "HIMMASH", which scientists made life support systems for spaceships. Their kids could have a rest in this wonderful place near Moscow.

Very good road leads to this place, it has electricity, and beautiful forest lake with peer close to it. If criminal "government" did not destroy my country, i could send my little son there, instead of investing to dirty Turkey.

It is close to village "Orlovo". Look at in which condition it is now. (

"It's interesting":

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Portrait Shoot... Swamp House + Latex

Hello group, hopefully everyone is OK with a portrait entry this evening...
I have been so many amazing places in the past several months, and I really look forward to sharing them,
but I have to wait until after the publication comes out to do so.
Until then, I like to share whatever I think fits into the category of "abandoned place".
This is a set I did for Hedony Designs... Hedony Design Website

The model here is my lady-friend (and videographer) Christina, who I use a lot when doing fashion shoots.
I filmed her in an abandoned middle-class home located in the center of a swamp...
When I first found this place, it would have been very easily salvageable and remade into a home.
Time (and vandals) have not been kind to this place over the single year that has passed since I stumbled upon it.
I really can't properly express my disgust for vandals in written word...
Seriously, is there some kind of mental deficiency that drives these people to destroy things?
Some blame it on "being a kid"...
First off, I was a "kid" once, and I never did this kind of crap. In fact I photographed abandoned places before I was even able to drive.
Secondly, I think "kids" only account for half the populous of vandals, the other simply being adult-aged trash.

Ah, but I digress...

I tried to make the most of the mass destruction which was once a home.
Luckily the torn walls and debris created some interesting lines and pattern.
I used much harder lighting here than usual, in an attempt to create interesting shadows in the background.
It also created a harsher tone in the image, more akin to how I felt seeing the place in it's current state...

Anyway here's the pics, I hope they are acceptable in this community:

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