August 18th, 2010

Spin Kick

My First Post

... and I thought I'd make it a meaningful one. To me, at least.

In my old hometown, a small Nature reserve lies in the western quadrant - Lake Woods (better known as the Rocks) which was conceived in the 18th century by the Streatfield family as their own pleasure-garden. It consisted of a large lake (created by damming a ghyll, or small river) and was teeming with exotic shrubs and trees not indigenous to our land, with a small ponytrap track for those who didn't feel like walking the route. Now abandoned to the public and preserved as a nature reserve for the ancient (natural) woodlands and their newer, foreign counterparts, this beautiful area is one of the few green spots left in my old hometown, and is a regular haunt for the irreputable youth ;) myself included, of course. The soft sandstone outcrops are dated as Mesolithic, and tower above the lake, which has been allowed to expand until it laps right up to the boundaries of the woodland. Steady erosion has created many caves and walkways, and in some tunnels you can still see the hand-pick marks of the quarrymen who carefully shaped the stone to the erstwhile owners' purpose.


The Entrance

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