September 6th, 2010

More Monster Kissing

Old L.A. Zoo

Over the summer I went with some friends to a hiking trail in Griffith Park. While we were there we stopped by the abandoned Old L.A. Zoo, which closed down in the '60s when people realized it wasn't very ethical to keep animals in tiny steel cages. Most of the photos we took that day were just shots of ourselves goofing around in cages, but I did get a few photos of the zoo itself to share. :p

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The Mangled Schoolhouse

We came across this place quite by chance, while driving through town on our way to a previous engagement.
It was our agreement that, if sunlight remained after we finished there, we would return here to “poke around”.
As made obvious by the images, we were lucky enough to have adequate light with which to explore.
It was a quickly dimming light however, the kind that turns to orange and then is gone completely without much warning.
We spent less than an hour within the walls of this disfigured school, but it was plenty of time to understand the old place.

There is really not much to tell about this long-neglected schoolhouse in Buffalo NY.
Though I have attempted to dig up some history on the place, there is little to be found.
As it sits now, it is merely a torn-apart, burned, and spray-painted mess of a building.
The little evidence which may have remained to tell of it's previous role,
has since been set afire or destroyed by the rainwater entering in through the many broken windows.
What was once an institution created to educate and better society,
has spent it's final days being slowly destroyed at the hands of those which it had attempted to help.

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