September 10th, 2010

  • dj_axle

New Jersey Ate My Soles

A former Chlorine Factory out in the Jersey Wastelands between Newark and Jersey City. It's one of the worst superfund sites in the state.


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So why "New Jersey Ate my Soles" it's simple, because it did! While wandering around this place I stepped in what I thought was water. Note the word Thought. Myself and my friend continued through this place and I thought nothing of it. At least until the next morning when I went to pack my shoes as I was flying back home to Canada, and the shoes were destroyed. The leather was black, the rubber soles melted. Only the carbon composite re-enforcements were left intact.

They were good shoes, they did their job for a good two years. Thankfully I still had my sandals to wear for the flight home.