September 30th, 2010

Profanity Junction...

What we have here is the abandoned Greendell train station, a former stop along the now-defunct Lakawanna Cut-Off.
The Cut-Off was constructed between 1908 and 1911, and runs west from Port Morris, New Jersey to Slateford, Pennsylvania.
The railway opened on Christmas eve, 1912, and ran until early 1979, at which point it was found without a purpose due to the completion of Interstate 80.

Now, an abandoned train station may be a rather dull location as far as abandoned places go.
This one though, is a special case. (However, I use the term "special" loosely).
What seems to have occurred here, is that my still-anonymous "poet" friend had stumbled across this place prior to me.
If you do not know of whom I speak, I strongly suggest checking out this link to my site:
The Houses of the Forest
It documents the first location where I came across this "artist" and his "writing", and better sets the stage for the following images.

At any rate, the magazine Weird NJ and I have had some fun in following this mysterious person around.
I visited Greendell with Mark of Weird NJ a few months back, to photograph the old station, and mostly just poke around and read the madness on the walls.
Being as the pics were for the new issue, I had to wait until it was on shelves (now) before I posted any of my images.
Speaking of which, pick one up if you wish to read the small (one page) piece Mark and I did about this station.
(I'm also quite happy to say that I'm now on staff as a photographer at Weird NJ)

At any rate, here's the rather humerus images from my time at the old train stop:
*Portraits after the location photography, for those interested in such things*

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