October 3rd, 2010

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Used Cars

A huge part of the economic meltdown has been its effect on the car industry.  Not just idle and demolished manufacturing facilities now dot North America.  So do idle dealerships.  This one in Mississauga, ON was a Ford dealership until the late 1990s if memory serves. A couple of iterations as a private dealership and it now sits empty.  Too big to be a successful mom-and-pop and too small to make money for a major manufacturer I doubt this building from the 1960s will ever see action again.  The land is for sale and it might make a good condo site. Who knows.  At least two other once mighty and long established dealerships nearby are also out of business. Is there something sad about this or is it time to learn to reinhabit the North American landscape without cars and suburbs!  All that investment, what is going to happen to it.

(PS: Looks like there`s a ghost in the 2nd picture behind the cut. ...some sort of bald, glasses-wearing technician hanging around and hoping someone will bring in an LTD wagon for an oil change. Frightening.



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