October 8th, 2010

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Centralia , PA help please.

I hope this post is ok. I am planning a trip to Centralia at the end of the month. I youtubed the city and found that I guess you can drive around most of it still actually? Not the parts by where the old and new-ish highway spit. You have to get out and walk.

I am hoping someone in the community would be kind enough to explain or map out some great sites to see? I heard the very last person moved out this past spring. There are only two or three homes still standing. So on a side note, if you're in the PA area, you may want to visit yourself very soon because a friend of mine who works in the county was telling me about their plans to tear down the rest of the homes. Only things not set to be torn down are the police/fire station and the cemetery.

Any info about getting around and where to go would be awesome! Thanks sooo much in advance!