October 11th, 2010

Deep Waters, Dark Secrets...

No photography this time around, but I do have a video for you...

Constructed in the 1920's, the Dark Waters Hotel (alias) sits upon a plot of land over-looking a tranquil and picturesque lake.
As time marched on, and it's popularity grew, so did the resort.
Throughout the generations, numerous additions were made to the hotel's original form.
However, unlike standard building additions, these expansions were entirely different structures
which were then affixed to the main building via a hallway or other entrance.
The reasoning behind this strange design decision was to prevent the complete loss of the resort in the instance of a fire.
Instead, the thinking went, only a single wing would be lost before the fire was extinguished.
Thus the resort could remain operational while repairs were make to any damaged annexes.

The odd design of this abandoned resort's architecture leaves it in a very strange state these days.
Though at first you may almost expect the facility to be operational based upon the condition of the main hall, as you venture
deeper into it's generations of additions and serpentine passageways that cover the grounds, you quickly see the true state of things.
The farther you wander, the more blackened and rotted the resort becomes,
almost as if death itself is wandering these halls backwards, slowly making it's trek from the rear of the resort
and only stopping once it reaches the elegantly decorated lobby.

The transition from beauty to severe putrefaction, as experienced within the walls of the resort,
is closely mirrored by the pristine lake which it overlooks.
Though it may at first appear as an image from a postcard, these deep waters hold deeper secrets.
This hotel, along another local resort which also overlooked the same lake, were popular with more than just the average Catskills visitor.
During the 1930's, gangsters frequented this area, and often they had "business" at the lake.

In 1937, during the height of the summer season, fishermen spotted something strange on the lake's otherwise glassy waters.
Upon further investigation, it was discovered to be a human body... tied to a slot-machine.
Several more findings of human remains have occurred at the lake throughout the years,
and it is widely believed that there is still much more than just fish below the water's surface .

As always: filmed by Christina edited by the both of us over coffee...

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Urbex linkage

I was cleaning out my bookmarks folder and thought I'd share some links with you guys. Warning! These may keep you up until 3 am looking at pictures:

http://www.oboylephoto.com/ruins/index.htm (Photography of ruins)
http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~asylums/ (database of asylums, coding is a bit borked)
http://www.finster-stahlart.de/ (industrial and architectural photography)
http://www.jinxmagazine.com/ (Jinx Magazine)
http://www.kiddofspeed.com/default.htm (Elena's Motorcyle Ride through Chernobyl)

Feel free to add your favorite links or promote your websites.
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Overgrown And Forgotten

I've been sidelined for quite awhile due to a back injury, but yesterday I was able to get out for awhile with my wife and do a little exploring. I've been building up quite a list of spots to check out, but this one just sorta grabbed our attention by chance while running some errands.

These houses are just off of Rt. 1 on the way to Historic Savage Mill in Savage, Maryland. The name of the road escapes me at the moment, but the bigger house is -very- hard to miss. The littler one, however, is definitely harder to spot upon first glance.


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Abandoned power station in South Fremantle

Near South Fremantle suburb (Western Australia) there is abandoned power station - a big building which stopped to produce the power a few dozens years ago. It`s pretty exclusive object for Australia. Thats because all old buildings destroyed.

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