October 29th, 2010

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The Priory

Not stictly abandoned anymore - and a facebook album - sorry


The Priory in Thames Ditton is a beautiful building(s) it used to be Boyle Farm http://www.thamesditton.com/content/view/15/35/

Then it was a 'Home of Compassion' - an elderly care centre run by nuns. It shut in 2008 and since then has been rotting. On Sunday i was cycling past to see that Hippies have broken in - set up a community, and are going to look after - do up the building and want to do community projects there. Today was their open day so i went to have my own guided tour. I am looking forward to going back and maybe helping out. My camera run out before i could take some of the amazing Chapel rooms etc - wonderful wonderful building. The Hippies will fight to stay there - but obviously the owners are trying to evict them. 'Care Homes' - own over 100 buildings and are just letting this one rot.(someone before has already stripped all the lead off the roof) The hippies what to re-open the charity shop that used to be there and do other community projects. They want to protect this house from being ransacked and pilaged and it rotting away under owners who intend to do nothing with this Grade II building