November 15th, 2010


Заброшенный съемочный городок

Сьездил на киносъемочная площадку, заброшенную но охраняемую. Все площадка отражает город 18 века, в наличии есть своя церковь и даже разваленный корабль. На объекте нынче огромный трафик туристов, и в связи с этим охрана за вход просит по 50р.

Местоположение сего чуда: г. Химки (55°55'33"N 37°13'57"E)

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Very recently my family moved to what seems to be the mecca of abandoned places in California.. the high desert. Within an hour's drive of my homestead is an abandoned federal prison plus a block of military housing (~30 homes) adjacent to the prison site, a 90% abandoned community (Trona), various mining ghost towns (Atolia, Randsburg, Garlock, Ballarat, etc) and then an uncountable amount of abandoned homes scattered across the desert only a couple miles apart.

Literally right up the street from me there are about a dozen abandoned homes and shacks that I will definitely be exploring. Today my husband and I managed to scout two places before it got too hot. Wintertime, in the high desert? Nope.. doesn't exist!

The first shack.. please excuse the ugly red timestamp.. I forgot I had that feature on D:

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