December 6th, 2010

The Broken Tower

This past week I was able to visit and document my first location since the printing of my book.
Feels good to be back in my old groove, and not have to worry too much about deadlines and such...
With that I present:

The Broken Tower

Opening it's doors in 1927,
this hotel enjoyed many decades servicing patrons of the bath houses it's hometown was famous for.
These once-popular baths have long since closed though, and this tower is now home only
to it's slowly twisting corridors and the pitch black shadows which conceal them.

When Christina and I first caught glimpse of this place, through the barren branches of late autumn,
I could not help but feel that the winter months were the ideal time in which to pay our visit.
It's ash-colored face matched perfectly with the sleeping forests and pale skies which the season brings.
Almost as if all the cold winds of winter emanated from within it's very walls.

Upon entering its gnarled lobby, the old hotel slowly begins to strip away your sense of balance.
The integrity of this old place, like most structures left to fend for themselves against nature, has started to fail.
As such, the entire building is slowly beginning to lean, falling in upon it's weakest parts.
What makes this place unique amongst other dying places though, is the fashion in which it is choosing to collapse.

It seems that nearly each major section of this facility is going down in a different direction.
Over time floorboards have warped in a wave-like fashion down the lengths of its many hallways.
Windows has shifted in their walls to such a degree that their very framing is falling off around them,
having become weaker than the glass itself due to substantial water damage.
The roofing buckles and bows from the stress of holding all these decaying parts together, tearing in places,
and allowing even more water easy access to it's already saturated framework.
At one point while filming I clearly heard a loud gurgling sound coming from directly over my head.
Just out of sight behind the ornate and rusting tin facade of the ceilings, this building was openly weeping.

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Sixteen Tons

I was born one mornin' when the sun didn't shine
I picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine
I loaded sixteen tons of number nine coal
And the straw boss said "Well, a-bless my soul"

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

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