December 13th, 2010

A Catskills Tradition.

Another location off the pages of my new book...
In other book-related news: After some delays concerning inks and their uses on different weight gloss papers,
I'm happy to say that the thing is finally going to be hitting newsstands next week sometime.
But I digress...

The following is about a once-grand Catskills resort, reduced to nothing more than a brittle husk. It's form held together by nostalgia alone...
People may indeed know what the proper name of this place is, but I ask them to please respect my choice to not include it in my post.

Excerpt from my book:
"So it is that this place, once among the crown jewels of the region, is empty.
A few short decades ago, its popularity justified building an airstrip on the grounds so travelers could fly directly to the resort.
That same airstrip is now little more than a meadow, its shattered tarmac home to thick vegetation

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