December 19th, 2010

  • nau_spb

Main Post Office.

In November, visited the posh place - The Moscow Post Office. It so happened that could only get in at the second attempt, but in good weather.

Building on Myasnitskoi street was built in 1912 by architect A. Munz, with the participation Vesnin brothers on the site, bought for the post office as early as 1792, IB Pestel, the father of the famous Decembrist. Bookmark the new building took place in 1910. Architects of St. Petersburg became a master O. Munz and Vesnin brothers. The construction was conducted under the supervision of the Chairman of the Technical Committee of Construction and Ministry of Internal Affairs, LI Novikov, and metal work - the engineer VV Zvorykina. For the Moscow post office engineer Shukhov designed the glass covering the operating room with a skylight. He invented for this purpose a horizontal (flat) space trusses. The construction was spent in 1330 rubles.


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