December 22nd, 2010

Fancy Cat House

What makes a house a home? I suppose this question is not an original one, nor is it one that is easily answered.
It is, however, a relevant question to ponder before viewing these images and accompanying video.

This old farmhouse has been abandoned for some years now. Nature and man have had their time with it in no gentle way,
and it would be realistic to believe that it's days as a home are behind it now.
Perhaps this is why the items found inside seem so poignant, as if catching the last glimpse of what this place was at one time,
and what a difference several simple years can make...

As is commonplace with abandoned houses, looting has taken place here.
Nearly anything of real cash value has long-since been taken, leaving behind nothing but debris and personal belongings.
Funny that these things left behind, though of no real value outside of these walls, are of the most important things in the house.
Family pictures, letters, Christmas cards, the things that tell the story of the last life to call this place “home”.

What may at first appear to be garbage strewn in all directions is, in actuality, the house's memories torn asunder.
If you take the time to understand what you see before you, a story comes together with little effort on your part,
as if the house itself is reciting, very loudly, that it was once quite dear to someone not long ago.
This “someone”, was an elderly woman and one who was very fond of her family, and of cats.
It seems likely that her husband passed away some time ago, and she found companionship in her feline friends.
Many items throughout the former residence are cat-themed in one way or another. Be it the handmade tissue-box covers,
embroidered bath towels, or seat cushions. Most of the Christmas cards scattered around are feline-themed as well, so her fondness of cats was clearly not a private one.
Just looking at the house from outside presents it as the home of a cat-lover. Numerous cat-coops sit empty upon its sagging front porch,
their straw bedding dances around the house's front, riding the winter winds.

The events that bring the house to its current state are unknown to me, though it looks as if the elderly woman may well have passed away.
Why her family never came to claim her possessions, I really cannot say. It surprises me though, being as it seems she had a very close relationship them.
Regardless, here sits a house tired and worn from years of neglect, filled with memories sentenced to decay along with it.
Is this a sad thing? Maybe. It is also uplifting to know that the last life here was a warm one, well lived, and with what appears to be much love.

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