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The Zoo

Allo' Allo' everyone. I'm new to this community and what a beautiful find to have found. :)

I've just got a wee little post pertaining to my own favorite place that used to be bustling when I was a child and is now barren and empty. A zoo in the massive forest near my home in British Columbia, Canada.

The pictures get quite large if you keep clicking them, so go ahead and savor every little detail!

The Old Polar Bear Enclosure

This is a view of the part of the enclosure. The giant, hollow cylinder in the middle was an icy and extremely deep pool for the polar bears.

The deep trenches surrounding them are now empty but were once filled with icy blue water. I remember being 7 or 8 and getting lifted up over hundreds of heads to see the bears swim and catch fish that the trainers would toss them.

This is the gateway leading to the other polar bear enclosure. They could swim back and forth through it into a smaller arena which is now completely cemented in.

A picture of the old, rusted and discarded transport cage that used to be propped on the bears basking ledges.

Another view of the transport cage and their enclosure.

Henry Avison feeding his first freshly caught black bear. The beginning of the Stanley Park zoo.

This swing set leading to the abandoned zoo is also infrequently used, save drunk or high people wandering through the woods at night who come upon this dangling bit of fun.

Hope you enjoyed and I'll continue the search around my city to find more beautiful, abandoned things.
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