January 10th, 2011

McNeal Mansion - Book Location

So I'm finally getting over some insane fever-inducing cold-flu-thing which nearly gave me pneumonia, or possibly even did in a slight way...
Regardless; now, after a week+ of feeling like hell, I am pretty much recovered. As was expected though, Christina is now sick.
She has video games and cats by her side though, so she will recover in good time.
Needless to say, we haven't really been able to get out much...

I do, however, have some locations from my book which I have been wanting to share, but haven't had a chance to.
I just finished catching up on my work, so I now find myself with some free-time with which to post.
For this entry I give you:

The McNeal Mansion

Excerpt from book:
"Many years have passed since this structure was used as a home. Andrew McNeal was the last person to take residence here;
U.S. Pipe would later use the building as a corporate office, eventually adding three wings. In 1953, the company moved its corporate operations elsewhere,
and since then the old building has seen little use."

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